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Get to know the National Park of Qafeshtame

Qafeshtama Mountain is well- known for curative water values from the surrounding springs and offers a fresh air with minimal carbon dioxide values, which is identified as to have cured people who have suffered or are suffering from chronic asthma, lung disease, post covid symptoms or from a weak immune system.

Qafshtame National Park (also Qafë-Shtamë) (Albanian: Parku Kombëtar i Qafshtamës) resides in the edge of the mountain chain north of Tirana, about 22 kilometers east of KrujaThe park is named after the Qafë-Shtamë passage, and has an area of 2000 hectares, with a beautiful mountain scenery consisting mainly of pine forests, some small lakes and major water sources. The national park was established in 1996 by the Albanian government. 

North of the pass road, the majority of the park is mostly undeveloped mountain land with forests, in which pine trees, and oak dominate. The black pines are up to 20 meters high and over 100 years old—one of the main wood sources in Albania. The forests provide opportunities for retreat for brown bears, wolves, foxes, and various birds. The highest points on which it rises steeply from the Pass to the north, are the Maja e Liqenit (1724 meters) and the off peak Maja i Rjepat e Qetkolës ( 1686 meters). In the southeast, the park is adjacent to the Dajti National Park and in the southwest to the Kraste-Verjon Protected Landscape.

The most significant source of water is called Kroi i Nenës Mbretëreshë (Source of the Queen Mother), known for its clean, clear and healthy water. The legend refers to the Albanian Royal Family, allegedly daily supply from this water source would be after of a laboratory in Vienna had awarded it as the best water in the country in 1932 by performing laboratory tests. 

Boville Pond


The area is bordered by the Boville Pond from the south, and is ecologically closely linked to it.The area is distinguished because of the natural values and its virgin forests.

The cold spring water, the place where long –pine trees that have been there for centuries mix with other alpine trees, well-maintained by the locals during transitional years, today also it contributes to the pleasure of the visitors who are amazed by the green breath-taking nature.

Mother Queen Cascade

Also, its resources are well-known for the curative values more specifically for the ‘Mother Queen’ cascade as it is located near Qafeshtame, about 1100 m above the sea level, among the pine forests of the National Park.


The cascade was named in the 1930s because the famous Royal family drunk the water from it; a truck would transport the water from Qafeshtame to Tirana every day.

The water reserve of Qafeshatma is considered as lightweight, poor salt and very rich in magnesium.


The Cascade is part of the Albanian monuments (hydroponics) (Qiriazi & Sala, 2006).

Now that the road is constructed with qualitative parameters, the park attracts even more visitors. The Albanian government intends to extend this isolated area in the near future, including in the Skanderbeg Mountain (1724 m).

Travellers who come from almost the whole country and beyond can enjoy the freshness of the beautiful nature of the mountains during the winter season, but also during the summer, because of the high temperatures in the cities.